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By choosing your rental home with Normand Property Agencies, it is our intention to be able to provide our clients with personalized service and to do all we can to make your accommodation as comfortable as possible, allowing you to enjoy where you are living.

The broker and owner of the company is Bernard Normand. Bernard has been in this business since 1991. Bob Shmon and Kurt Manz work with Bernard.

Our office is located within the Royal LePage Real Estate offices at 620 Heritage Lane, S7H 5P5.

Our office phone number is 306-242-3288. The phone number to reach the person “in the field” is 306-242-3280. This number will reach one of the three of us at any time. Bernard can be reached on his cell @ 306-222-8727.

As a property management company we are “on contract” with the property owners to ensure that their property is rented to responsible tenants who will pay the rent in a timely fashion, be good housekeepers and keep their dwelling in good condition and repair as well as be “good and respectful neighbors”.

Because of these requirements, our company has a policy of requiring a completed application providing us with rental history, employment history and personal references. We also require a security deposit equal to a month’s rent provided with the application. This security deposit is retained only if the application is accepted.


PLEASE NOTE: All our properties are non-smoking and, unless otherwise stated, pet free.

Once an application is processed and accepted, the new tenants must meet with the company broker to sign a lease. We require proof of identification for all renters (a photocopy of a current driver’s license will suffice), and a copy of a tenant insurance package covering tenant belongings.

When it is time to move in, one of the property managers will meet with the new tenants to do a Conditions Report. At this time we make a record of the condition of the property being rented. We will note any “issues” with the property- including wear and tear, as well as damage. This record is kept by both tenant and landlord.

When a tenant is moving out at the end of their tenancy, we again use the same form to compare the condition of the property. If there is no damage due to carelessness, and if the “wear and tear” is deemed reasonable, the security deposit can be returned. Tenants are responsible to have any carpets professionally cleaned- often that charge will be levied against the security deposit- please see the notes later under Checking Out.

It is also our responsibility to inspect our properties twice a year. Additionally, if we believe there is a reason to inspect a property for condition the tenant will be given appropriate notice.

Every year we perform a fire inspection where we will come through all the properties to check the condition of the smoke detectors and, if they are supplied, fire extinguishers.

All tenants must have Tenant Insurance. The tenant shall be responsible for insuring his or her own property that may be located in and on the premises in addition to the tenant liability insurance. A tenant pack should include insurance both on personal belongings and liability.

We hope, and expect, that our tenants will take pride in their home and treat it accordingly. We, and the owners, are endeavoring to provide you, the tenant, with a home that is clean and in good condition. We expect the tenant to keep the property in the same shape.

Our expectation extends to that of being a “good neighbour.” If your property has a yard, we expect that you will keep it clean- free of garbage. We also ask that you not use your yard for storing things such as old tires and building materials etc. Being a good neighbor also extends to observing a common sense rule of reducing noise from 10:00 pm - 7:00 am daily.

Maintenance is always an issue in your home. We want to maintain our properties and keep them in good shape. We need your help in this area. Certainly common sense should prevail in that we expect tenants to do all they can to prevent damaging the rental property and any appliances or furniture provided. We ask you to call us when there is a maintenance issue- we would rather be called early when the problem is small.

We invite you to make this your home. In so doing, you are welcome to hang pictures. WE HOWEVER, DO NOT ALLOW FOR ANY TYPE OF ADHESIVE BEING USED, NOR DO WE ALLOW WALL ANCHORS OR SCREWS OF ANY TYPE. Adhesives (adhesive picture hangers or tape) can damage the drywall.

The use of adhesives could result in a charge against your security deposit. The type of picture hanger we ask you to use is pictured to the right. As you will note, this type of hanger allows you to hang a picture and create a very small hole in your wallboard.

Yard maintenance is important. If you are unable or not interested in doing the yard work required, which would be stated in your contract, that is keeping the lawn and flower beds maintained, we will arrange for a company to do so- this charge would be borne by you as you will have agreed, in your lease, to maintain the yard.

If you are renting an apartment or townhouse that has a balcony, please ensure the snow is removed to prevent excessive water run-off against the building in the spring. A plastic shovel should be used as to not damage the balcony surface.

If your home has underground sprinklers, care must be taken to ensure their maintenance. We will get this system turned on and ready to run in spring. We will also blow out the water lines in the fall. We ask you to ensure that the system is not turned on during the winter months as this could damage it. All garden hoses should be drained and stored in the fall as well as shutting off and draining exterior water lines.

Yard maintenance extends to the winter as well. If you are renting one of our houses or duplexes, you will have been informed that it is your responsibility to shovel the city sidewalks and keep them clear of snow. The City of Saskatoon has a by-law requiring snow to be removed within 48 hours of a snow fall. We ask that you keep the walkways to your home clear of snow as well. We offer the same service for snow removal as for lawn and yard care. If you would prefer we can hire a firm to do this work for you, at your cost.


If you are renting a house or townhouse, please ensure the down spouts are directing the water away from the building.

Furnace maintenance is important. When you moved in, you were likely instructed to replace the furnace filter every two months. This is critical for the efficiency of your furnace. It is also necessary throughout the year. Purchasing expensive filters is not required, but replacing the filter is. We endeavour to have a schedule taped to the side of your furnace for your convenience- please check off in the appropriate box whenever you change the filter- this will help in remembering to do this task regularly.

This type of regular maintenance for a furnace is most critical if you have a “high efficiency” furnace. Dirty furnace filters will cause dust build up on the electrical circuit boards which can cause the system to shut down and create expensive repairs.


If your rental property has a central air system, you will need to replace the air filter (or if the filter design allows it to be washed) at least once per season.

Every property is equipped with at least one smoke detector. These will either be a hard wired unit or a "ten year" tamper proof detector. These must ALWAYS be in good working order and tenants are not allowed to alter them or disconnect them. If your smoke detector is not performing properly (occasionally they will become too sensitive), please call us and we will replace it.


Many properties are also equipped with a fire extinguisher. These are only to be used in the case of emergency. When we mount these, we endeavour to put them in a place where they are easily accessible yet out of reach of "little curious hands".


Every year we visit every property to do an inspection of smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. At that time we ask you to sign a letter indicating these have been inspected and are in good working condition.

Our owners, through our company, enter a contract with you, providing you a home in which you can live which will be maintained in a timely fashion and will be as comfortable and safe as we can make it. The expectation is that you, as tenant, will return that good will not only by maintaining the property but also by paying rent on a monthly basis by the first of the month.


Rental payment can be made in one of the following ways. You can, through our office, sign up for automatic monthly withdrawal. This will occur regularly on the first of the month with no effort on your part. You can also provide us with cheques for your rent either every month or by providing a series of post- dated cheques which will be kept on file and cashed the first of each month. We do take cash payments as well; however, this must be done during business hours when we can give you a receipt. If we have a cheque returned to us as NSF, we are levied a charge form the bank. It also requires extra book work for our staff- these charges will be passed on to the person responsible for the NSF cheque. Likewise, when we receive late payment for rent, there will be charges levied against the tenant.

Unless otherwise noted, all of our contracts are for a one year lease. After that lease term has expired, your lease converts to a month to month tenancy. In other words, we will expect you to continue living in your home until you give us notice.

  1. You must provide us with written notice 1 calendar month before you leave. So, in other words, we require written notice by the last day of the month prior to your move. (for example you would give us written notice by October 31 if you were planning to move by the end of November). Your rent would still be owing for the last month- YOU CANNOT USE YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT AS RENT.
  2. After you have given notice, our office will send you a check list of things to be cleaned as you prepare to leave- please read this list carefully.
  3. You are required to have any carpets professionally cleaned as you leave. If you hire a carpet cleaner, we ask that you provide us with a copy of your receipt. A service we offer our clients is that we can arrange for the carpets to be done for you. We deal with a very reputable contractor who will do your carpets after you have moved out. In this case the price of the cleaning will be charged against your security deposit.
  4. We find that many tenants find their move very stressful because of other commitments. We also have a very good cleaning service we can recommend. These folks, if given sufficient notice will come in and, for a very reasonable price, do the cleaning for you, thus allowing you the freedom to move and settle into your new home with less stress.
  5. If your rental accommodation has an elevator you will need to book, and possible pay a fee for, having it draped for your move.



  1. Your lease will expire by 6 pm the last day of the month. We must, by that time, have been able to meet with you to do a "walk-through" and complete the last half of the conditions report which we started before you moved in. WE ASK YOU TO GIVE US A CALL AS SOON AS YOU HAVE ESTABLISHED YOUR EXACT MOVE OUT DATE AND TIME SO THAT WE CAN ARRANGE THIS CHECKOUT. WHEN WE DO THIS CHECKOUT, EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE MOVED OUT.
  2. As you are preparing to move, we ask you to ensure that whatever utilities you are paying (i.e. electricity) remain on until after your checkout. We will then be able to have those transferred to our company name or the next tenant without any interruption in service and any extra cost.
  3. We will require your forwarding address so we can send you any refund on your security deposit.

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We at Normand Property Agencies look forward in serving you as clients. We hope you enjoy the home you will be renting from us. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any concerns. 

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