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Giving Notice

Unless otherwise noted, all of our contracts are for a one year lease. After that lease term has expired, your lease converts to a month to month tenancy and a calendar month notice to vacate can be given. In other words, we will expect you to continue living in your home until you give us notice.

 The process


  1. You must provide us with written notice 1 calendar month before you leave. So, in other words, we require written notice by the last day of the month prior to your move. (for example you would give us written notice by October 31 if you were planning to move by the end of November). Your rent would still be owing for the last month- YOU CANNOT USE YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT AS RENT.
  2. After you have given notice, our office will send you a check list of things to be cleaned as you prepare to leave- please read this list carefully.
  3. You are required to have any carpets professionally cleaned as you leave. If you hire a carpet cleaner, we ask that you provide us with a copy of your receipt. A service we offer our clients is that we can arrange for the carpets to be done for you. We deal with a very reputable contractor who will do your carpets after you have moved out. In this case the price of the cleaning will be charged against your security deposit.
  4. We find that many tenants find their move very stressful because of other commitments. We also have a very good cleaning service we can recommend. These folks, if given sufficient notice will come in and, for a very reasonable price, do the cleaning for you, thus allowing you the freedom to move and settle into your new home with less stress.
  5. If your rental accommodation has an elevator you will need to book, and possible pay a fee for, having it draped for your move. 
  1. Your lease will expire by 6 pm the last day of the month. We must, by that time, have been able to meet with you to do a "walk-through" and complete the last half of the conditions report which we started before you moved in. WE ASK YOU TO GIVE US A CALL AS SOON AS YOU HAVE ESTABLISHED YOUR EXACT MOVE OUT DATE AND TIME SO THAT WE CAN ARRANGE THIS CHECKOUT. WHEN WE DO THIS CHECKOUT, EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE MOVED OUT.
  2. As you are preparing to move, we ask you to ensure that whatever utilities you are paying (i.e. electricity) remain on until after your checkout. We will then be able to have those transferred to our company name or the next tenant without any interruption in service and any extra cost.
  3. We will require your forwarding address so we can send you any refund on your security deposit

Notice Form (Currently Unavailable)

Making Your Place Ready After You Have Moved Out And Before You Check Out With Your Landlord

(Note: Be sure to keep utilities on until after you checkout for quick return of your security deposit.)

Change Utility Services

We reccomend using ExpressAddress to change all of your utilities in one easy process. 

Forward Your Mail

Remember to forward your mail through CanadaPost.ca

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